Balkan Mathematical Olympiad 2012 Turkey


(Official Web Site of BMO 2012)
This year Tukiye is hosting the 29th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad. Turkiye is planning to welcome the invited countries in Antalya,one of her favorite cities, as she welcomed 10 years ago.

Under the title of Balkan countires: Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Montegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia are participiating in the contest,which has become not only a promising tradition but also an opportunity of having good experience to the students attending International contest. On the other hand, although Cyprus is considered as a balkan country, because of some political reasons, we do not know whether Cyprus will attend to the contest.

Some other countries which are not even close the Balkan region also attend to the contest as invited guests. Yakutia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, England, Italy, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Ireland and France are some of those countries.

Generally, Turkiye takes 3th or 4th ranks and the first rank is kept by Romania or Bulgaria. Recently, it is worth paying attention to the success of Serbia which breaks all the patterns.

The success chart of the 8 regularly attending countires from 2005 to now is given by below:

References: BMO official web sites, Ireland and UK team leader reports


Bir Yorumda Bulunun.

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