Hangi Konular Var?


Matematikteki Alanlar ve Bu Alanların

Alt Dalları(*)

AlgebraicGeometry Pure ? Algebraic varieties stacks sheaves schemes
moduli spaces complex geometry quantum cohomology
AlgebraicTopology Pure ? Homotopy theory homological algebra algebraic treatments of manifolds
AnalysisofPDEs Pure ? Existence and uniquness boundary conditions linear and non-linear operators stability
soliton theory integrable PDE’s conservation laws qualitative dynamics
CategoryTheory Pure ? Enriched categories topoi abelian categories monoidal categories
homological algebra
ClassicalAnalysis Pure ? Special functions orthogonal polynomials harmonic analysis ODE’s
differential relations calculus of variations approximations expansions asymptotics
Combinatorics Pure/Applied ? Discrete mathematics graph theory enumeration combinatorial optimization
Ramsey theory combinatorial game theory
CommutativeAlgebra Pure ? Commutative rings modules ideals homological algebra
computational aspects invariant theory connections to algebraic geometry and combinatorics
ComplexVariables Pure ? Holomorphic functions automorphic group actions and forms pseudo convexity complex geometry
analytic spaces analytic sheaves
DifferentialGeometry Pure ? Complex contact Riemannian pseudo-Riemannian and Finsler geometry
relativity gauge theory global analysis
DynamicalSystems Applied ? Dynamics of differential equations and flows mechanics classical few-body problems iterations
complex dynamics delayed differential equations
FunctionalAnalysis Pure ? Banach spaces function spaces real functions integral transforms
theory of distributions measure theory
GeneralTopology Pure ? Continuum theory point-set topology spaces with algebraic structure foundations
dimension theory local and global properties
GeometricTopology Pure ? Manifolds orbifolds polyhedra cell complexes
foliations geometric structures
GroupTheory Pure ? Finite groups topological groups representation theory cohomology
classification and structure
HistoryandOverview Pure ? Biographies philosophy of mathematics mathematics education recreational mathematics
communication of mathematics
InformationTheory Applied ? theoretical and experimental aspects of information theory and coding
K-Theoryand Pure ? Algebraic and topological K-theory relations with topology commutative algebra and operator algebras
Logic Pure ? Logic set theory point-set topology formal mathematics
MathematicalPhysics Applied ? Mathematical methods in quantum field theory quantum mechanics statistical mechanics condensed matter
nuclear and atomic physics
MetricGeometry Pure ? Euclidean hyperbolic discrete convex
coarse geometry comparisons in Riemannian geometry symmetric spaces
NumberTheory Pure ? Prime numbers diophantine equations analytic number theory algebraic number theory
arithmetic geometry Galois theory
NumericalAnalysis Applied ? Numerical algorithms for problems in analysis and algebra scientific computation
OperatorAlgebras Pure ? Algebras of operators on Hilbert space C^*-algebras von Neumann algebras non-commutative geometry
OptimizationandControl Applied ? Operations research linear programming control theory systems theory
optimal control game theory
Probability Pure/Applied ? Theory and applications of probability and stochastic processes: e.g. central limit theorems large deviations stochastic differential equations models from statistical mechanics
queuing theory
QuantumAlgebra Pure ? Quantum groups skein theories operadic and diagrammatic algebra quantum field theory
RepresentationTheory Pure ? Linear representations of algebras and groups Lie theory associative algebras multilinear algebra
RingsandAlgebras Pure ? Non-commutative rings and algebras non-associative algebras universal algebra and lattice theory linear algebra
SpectralTheory Pure/Applied ? Schrodinger operators operators on manifolds general differential operators numerical studies
integral operators discrete models resonances non-self-adjoint operators
StatisticsTheory Applied ? computational and theoretical statistics: e.g. statistical inference regression time series multivariate analysis
data analysis Markov chain Monte Carlo design of experiments
SymplecticGeometry Applied ? Hamiltonian systems symplectic flows classical integrable systems


Buradaki bilgilerin büyük bir kısmı Cornell Üniversite kütüphanesinin basılmak üzere makale arşivi olan arxiv.org sitesinden alınmıştır


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